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Are Water Wars and Water Shortages Ahead?

Michael Heykoop

What would you do if you were asked to cut the amount of water you used in half? What about a quarter, or even less? I’d like you to imagine being told that on a specific date, the taps in your city would be turned off and you would need to line up to receive your allotted ration. On this Tomorrow's World program we’ll look at the water crisis faced by Cape Town, South Africa, and other water disasters. We’ll look at the potential for conflict over this precious resource and we’ll look to the Bible to answer this essential question: Will we run out of water?

The Fall of Nineveh: Evidence of Biblical Accuracy

Stuart Wachowicz

Does the text called the Bible indeed have any real validity, any worth to people living in the 21st century? Is it just a set of myths and legends of a simpler people in a more primitive time? Does it have any historical accuracy? We review several prophecies found in the book of Nahum which archaeology has confirmed regarding the fall of the ancient city of Nineveh.

Does Marriage Matter?

Gerald E. Weston

Few aspects of life have undergone more change in both perception and behavior in recent decades than the institution of marriage. Behaviors that were once considered shameful are now considered normal. Isn't it time we ask: Is the direction we chose working? Has our new morality, or better yet, lack of morality, left us better or worse? Is it not time to re-evaluate? Does marriage matter?

The Dangers of Social Media

Gerald E. Weston

Technology is wonderful! Consider the dramatic changes that have taken place over the last half century. Social Media in particular has drastically altered the way we communicate and relate to one another. But is there another side to these technologies? Some say there is. You may be surprised to know what is being revealed about Social Media, and just as importantly, who it is that is sounding the warning!

There Is a Real God and He Wants You to Know Him

Michael Heykoop

Is there such thing as God? If so, who is He, what is He like? Can you know? Do you need to know? Or does it even matter? Yes, there is a God. He orchestrated the creation of all things, and that includes you and me. We were not created to be ignored, or left as an afterthought. We are not some science experiment whose creator set it in motion and then stepped back only to observe from afar. Who is the Creator of the universe? He is a God you can know! 

Watch to discover FOUR ways that God reveals Himself to man.

Are Protests constructive? Or do protests cause destruction?

Stuart Wachowicz

Starting in March 2019, thousands of protesters took to the streets of Hong Kong to show their dislike for a law that would allow suspected criminals, who had allegedly committed a crime in mainland China, to be extradited from Hong Kong back to China to face trial. Some Hong Kong citizens were concerned that this law could be used against political dissidents as well as those who committed criminal acts. Eventually the Hong Kong government withdrew the bill, but the protests kept going.

THIS Is Why Family and Children Are so Important to God and to Society!

Stuart Wachowicz

Has the traditional family unit, or the concept of family in general, become obsolete? Like it or not, there is no debate that the structure of the average family is very different than 50, 25 or even 10 years ago. At what cost? At what cost to the individuals immediately affected, especially children? And at what cost to humanity as a whole as we try to retain society while removing one of its core foundations—the family? Does Family Matter?

The Challenges of Dealing With Depression

Stuart Wachowicz

In the history of man, there have been times when great plagues have ravaged populations. Everyone has heard of the Black Death, which eliminated nearly half the population of Europe in the 14th century. Rich and poor fell to the disease; it made no distinction between classes.

Today medical authorities frequently pronounce dire warnings of what might be coming as a result of growing resistance to antibiotics on the part of numerous dangerous strains of bacteria. Indeed this is a real threat and significant resources are invested to try and stay ahead of these pathogens.